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Sunday 17 september 2017 saw the presentation of the first cd by Hark! en Co:

R.L Stevenson

Poems from the famous “Child’s Garden of Verses” by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson.  Tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Looking Glass River
  2. Glistering Planets
  3. A Good Boy
  4. Farewell to the Farm
  5. Where go the Boats?
  6. the Wind
  7. Ravi (own lyrics)
  8. Clock a Clay  (John Clare)
  9. Taking Leave of a Friend (Ezra Pound)

On Track 1, 4 and 6 vocals by Henk Hofstede (the Nits), Tracks 2,3 and 5 by Vera van der Poel.

You can order the cd by sending an email to me (see : Contact).

8.40 euro (exclusive postage)

Hark! en Co : Elly Abas, piano; Steef Vellinga, guitar; Josje ter Haar, violin and Brendan Conroy, violoncello; Harke Jan van der Meulen, vocals, cajon, all compositions.

Here’s our videoclip for “Looking Glass River” produced by Mamedia:


Here’s another track from the cd, vocals by Vera van der Poel: “Glistering Planets” :


Next concert: Wednesday 14 november 2018 in de Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam.

More information soon.



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