Hark! en Co: My Treasures (English Version)

Hark! en Co:

My Treasures (2021)

Cd in digisleeve with 16 page booklet

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‘My Treasures’ draws from the famous collection of poems by Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson called ‘The Child’s Garden of Verses’.


Hark! en Co (fltr): Josje ter Haar (violin), Brendan Conroy (cello), Michiel Nijenhuis (guitar) and Harke Jan van der Meulen (composer, voice, cajon).



From a number of these poems composer Harke Jan van der Meulen crafted a new collection of songs, exploring a wide variety of styles: from the light-footed, radiant waltz of Summer Sun to the down-to-earth guitar finger picking of the Cow, from the triumphant, youthful parade of  Marching Song to the dark anxieties of Shadow March, from the freaky weirdness of the Moon to the frenetic, hard rocking Armies in the Fire.

For each song van der Meulen recruited a vocalist that would best suit his vision. Here is Henk Hofstede (the Nits) with his lyrical, melancholy voice, the deep baritone of Jelle Paulusma, the light, ironic Spinvis and the both sensual and powerful Vera van der Poel.



  1. Summer Sun (Hark! en Co, Paulusma)
  2. The Cow (Hark! en Co, Spinvis)
  3. Pirate Story (Hark! en Co, Henk Hofstede)
  4. Foreign Lands (Hark! en Co, Vera van der Poel)
  5. Vagabond (Hark! en Co)
  6. Marching Song (Hark! en Co, Paulusma)
  7. Some Men Create (Hark! en Co, Henk Hofstede)
  8. Land of Nod (Hark! en Co)
  9. My Kingdom (Hark! en Co, Henk Hofstede)
  10. Shadow March (Hark! en Co, Paulusma)
  11. Armies in the Fire (Hark! en Co, Vera van der Poel)
  12. The Moon (Hark! en Co, Spinvis)
  13. My Treasures (Hark! en Co)



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